• Aqueous cleaning systems, e.g. single and double chamber systems, multi-chamber immersion cleaning systems
  • Solvent-based cleaning systems, e.g. single and double chamber systems
  • Aqueous medium and high-pressure deburring systems (300 to 3,000 bars)
  • Solvent-based high-pressure cleaning (10 to 16 bars)
  • Aqueous or solvent-based cleaning coupled with plasma cleaning
  • Flexible process technologies, e.g. spraying, dipping, pressure flooding, injection flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning - also with mixing frequencies, pulsating pressure change cleaning (PPC)
  • Flexibility in part agitation, e.g. turning, swivelling, oscillating
  • Vacuum drying (solvent), hot air drying coupled with vacuum drying (aqueous)
  • Media reconditioning adapted to the respective cleaning technology, process, type of contamination and throughput rate, e.g. distillation, vacuum evaporator, ultrafiltration, deionized water plant, desalination solution
  • Dry cleaning, e.g. plasma, laser, CO2, vacuum air cleaning, saturated and dry water vapour
  • Surface processing, e.g. pulsating water jet, laser
  • Partial and full automation including part transport
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